Happy New Year to #TheRockDenMassive, here’s to another year of stellar gigs at The Rock Den and road trips to gigs and functions, Stevenage Real Ale and Cider Fest, February, WedFest, Hertford, Ramsgate, October, Six Fields Festival, Northampton, Various trips to Melbourn Rock Club, GinFest, no doubt a visit or two to The King Billy Pub,  and a possible a trip or two to The Carlisle Hastings and The Big Red in London.

Gaye Delasalle, Tawney, John & Tracy Rice, Ronald John Blackburn, Susan J Clarke, Peter & Ann Yeomans, Jim Bartholomew, Martin Law, Martin Bat, Norman Bell, Phillip & Russell Bell, Bill & Darren Churchill, Dawn & Steve Montgomery, Karen Hill, Steve Favell, James Hill, Stephen Bloxham, Matt Foster, Steve Ellis, Chris Dixon, Stephen Girdlestone, Neil Garratt, Rick Bolt, Adie Morrow, Emmanuel Regent, Graham Phillips, Leonard Clark, Kate Bwye Laubscher, Andrew Keel, Gareth Haskins and The Barmy Army.

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